Hosted by Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg


Registration Dates and Fees

Registration is possible from May 1, 2008. Regular registration closes at September 30th. The final deadline for registration is November 7th. Regular registration fee is 25€ per person. Note that late registration fee is 50€ per person (between Sep 30th and Nov 7th).

Fees cover contest participation, shirts, food for the contest weekend (without breakfast, which is included in accommodation) and contest kits.

Team Registration Steps

Check eligibility first, your university has to be in the SWERC region and all team members have to fulfill the requirements of the eligibility tree as stated in the rules section.

Register as coach at and register your team for SWERC 2008.

Additionally, use our local registration form. After completion of the three registration steps, the Regional Contest Director will accept your team. If you have completed these steps prior to the regular registration deadline, the fee is 25€ per person.

If your team members are not fixed yet, but you already know that your university sends teams to the SWERC, you may register these teams without names in order to profit by the low regular registration fee.


We have reserved a block of rooms in order to get cheap prices for the contest weekend. These special prices are guaranteed only until the end of regular registration. Longer reservations are possible: for price information please contact our registration team.

room type price per night price per night
and person
1 bed please contact
2 bed not available
3 bed 55.50 € 18.50 €
4 bed 60.00 € 15.00 €
5 bed 65.00 € 13.00 €
6 bed 69.00 € 11.50 €


Teams that do not come from Germany, Austria or Switzerland and have to book early in order to get cheap flights, may want to register three teams as early as possible. For SWERC 2008, we have 8 pre-register slots. If you want to reserve such slot for your teams, please contact the regional contest director.